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Steel Magnolias

"Julia Geisler brings endearing sweetness and believably weary undercurrents to her very appealing portrayal of Shelby."


"Shelby is a little tough to love at first; she’s a little full of herself but it is her wedding day. Julia Geisler, though, does a nice job of softening her and morphing into a strong but sympathetic character as that first scene progresses. And of course we get it once we understand her story; her wonderful mother, M’Lynn (played by the marvelous Carolyn Popp) has protected her all her life and now she’s ready to do things her way."


"Geisler brings her form of the steel and the magnolia to the younger woman, determined to bear a baby, against medical advice and the habits of her husband and his fine-ole-southern-family’s insight free mindset: “shoot it, stuff it or marry it.”"


"Last but not least is Shelby (Julia Geisler), who’s at the heart of it all. Shelby is someone you want to root for and Geisler makes that easy with her smile and sweet nature. With health issues, even Shelby’s greatest of joys comes with hardships, and Geisler finds the perfect balance for her emotions."


My Fair Lady

"Julia Geisler plays a pugnacious and yet sly Eliza . . . . Geisler shows flexibility, keeping Eliza's core intact throughout the metamorphosis."


The Beggar's Opera

"Geisler's warm and even mezzo showcased great diction and luscious timbre."


Kiss Me, Kate

"Geisler is fantastic as wounded Lilli. Her sarcastic delivery of insults to Fred, her secret hope they can one day get back together, her broken heart when she finds out he lied to her and her using her U.S. Army general boyfriend (Brian Duerksen) to make him jealous are all perfectly executed. Geisler knows when to be subtle and when to go over the top, and she is fun to watch. She also has a gorgeous soprano voice that is always exactly right for the song — playful in “Wunderbar,” both remorseful and hopeful in “So in Love” and hilariously angry in “I Hate Men.”"


Sweeney Todd

"The young lovers are similarly strong. As Johanna, Julia Geisler performs a wistful rendition of "Green Finch and Linnet Bird" in her clear soprano."


"Winans and Geisler are beautiful in the only two truly sympathetic roles in the show. Both have angelic voices that stop the show with their beauty. Geisler’s lilting soprano melts hearts in “Green Finch and Linnet Bird” . . ."


"A Regional treasure!"

Nick Mitchell, a local treasure

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